We have a tie!

First Shift - Stardust Bowls
Jim Karowski, Joe Battista, Brian O'Kelly and Alan Zabranski

Second Shift - Fox Bowls
Phil Moros, Scott Westergren, John Heath and Mike Whitten

To view the final results from our tournament please click the link below!
Final Results




• A Baker game consists of 10 frames, with the team bowlers alternating each frame. (e.g., a three-person team would have Bowler No. 1 bowl the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th frames. Bowler No. 2 would bowl the 2nd, 5th, and 8th frames. Bowler No. 3 would bowl the 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames. The frames would be adjusted for four- and five-person teams accordingly.)

• Teams will consist of a minimum of 3 bowlers and a maximum of 5 bowlers.

• Participation in this tournament is open to any adult bowler who is 21 years of age or older as of November 6, 2021.

• Bowling center staff and proprietors ARE eligible to participate in this tournament. Employees of Molson Coors Beverage Co. and its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, distributors, advertising and promotion agencies, alcohol beverage retailers, their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each are NOT ELIGIBLE. PBA regional members are eligible to bowl, but are limited to one member per team. Current and former PBA National Tour members are ineligible to participate.

• The qualifying round will be conducted starting November 6, 2021 and concluding January 2, 2022. This qualifying round is set by the center and can either be the entire time-period from Nov. 6, 2021 to Jan. 2, 2022 or a specified time within that qualifying window.

• To qualify during league play, a team must strike in same frame to complete a Miller Lite Beer Frame (see first bullet point in “In-Center Qualifying”).

• During all levels of competition, in frames 7 thru 10, a minimum pin count of at least one pin must be scored in each of these frames. If a team double-gutters or double fouls, a 25-pin penalty will be assessed to the team’s total score. For example, if a target score is 175 and a team bowls 200, that team will be 50 pins off of its target score due to the penalty.

• In the event a team cannot compete in the State Final, the next team in line whose score comes closest to its target score will advance.

• The State Final tournament will be administered through a State Tournament Director. All matters not covered by the following and previous rules and regulations will be determined by the Tournament Director, and all decisions will be final. The tournament will be conducted in accordance with the general playing rules of the USBC where these rules are not specified.


• Bowlers may qualify to enter the tournament during league play by striking in the same frame, which would complete a Miller Lite Beer Frame. A qualifying team must then request a printout of the game and an entry form and remit the completed entry form with the $20 entry fee (regardless of the number of bowlers on the team) to the bowling center. The team of bowlers must then bowl 3 Baker games to try to hit its target score.

• Pre-bowl scores for league play will be allowed only if the full team of participants is pre-bowling at the same time when attempting to qualify for “beer frame” strikes; otherwise, pre-bowl scores DO NOT apply to the Baker format.

• A team’s target score will be decided by taking each bowler’s current individual league average the night they bowl, adding the averages together, and dividing the total by the number of bowlers. [e.g., Bowler No. 1 has an average of 200; Bowler No. 2, 175; and Bowler No. 3, 203. Add all three averages together: 200+175+203=578. Divide the total (in this case, 578) by the number of bowlers: 578/3=192.667. Round to the closest whole number, which in this example would be 193, to determine the team’s target score.]

• If a team hits its team target score in any of the three qualifying games, the team automatically will advance to the In-Center Roll-off with the possibility of automatically advancing to the State Final.

• Once a team hits its target score, it automatically qualifies for the In-Center Roll-off, and possibly the State Final (see next bullet point below). No more games are to be bowled once a team hits its respective target score.

• If only one team from a center hits its target score during the 3 Baker games, there is NO In-Center Roll-off and that team will automatically advance to the State Final. If more than one team from a center hits its target score during qualifying, an In-Center Roll-off may be necessary. The center will notify the affected teams that a Roll-off is required; bowlers may bowl their Roll-off at any time(s) the center allows teams to bowl until January 9, 2022. The center has the discretion to designate a specific Roll-off time or allow teams to compete at multiple times, but the center must notify or make it known to bowlers before they enter the tournament if there will be one specific Roll-off time in the event of an In-Center Roll-off. An In-Center Roll-off will consist of the teams that tied for a spot to the State Final. Each team will bowl 3 Baker games and take the cumulative score difference of the three games from its target score, with the object being to come as close as possible to zero as a cumulative difference. (e.g., Target score is 175, Gm1=178, Gm2=200, Gm3=170. Take each game and determine the difference to the target score: Gm1 was 3 pins away, Gm2 was 25 pins away, Gm3 was 5 pins away. Total all three games: 3+25+5=33. The total cumulative difference is 33). There are no negatives. In the event of a tie among teams, the single game score that is the smallest difference from the target score will be used to break that tie. In the event all three games have the same single-score difference from the target scores, another Baker game will be bowled, following the same format, until a winner is determined.


• Teams competing in the State Final will bowl 5 Baker games, take the cumulative difference of pins for each game, and add those numbers together. (This follows the same rules as the In-Center Roll-offs stated in Section 2 above). This cumulative total will decide the winner of the State Final (whichever team is closest to zero as a differential total of each of the 5 Baker Games).

• The State Final will be conducted on February 20, 2022 at a center to be announced. Squad time(s) will be announced with advancement notification.

• Team captains will be notified of the State Final advancement after In-Center Roll-offs are completed January 9, 2022. Cash prizes for the State Final will be determined by the number of teams competing. Teams will be competing for the top prize of $3,000 that will go to the Illinois State Champion Team, 2nd place $1,000 & 3rd place $500. Every team that advances to the State Final will receive a cash prize.

• Added $50,000 Bonus for State Finalist Teams – Any team that hits its exact target score all five games at the State Final will be eligible for a $50,000 Bonus Prize. If more than one team qualifies for the bonus prize, the prize money will be split evenly among all eligible teams.

• Only 1 substitute will be allowed for teams that advance; however, that team’s target score will be changed based on the new bowler’s average.

• If a team comes in with less bowlers than they qualified with in-center, that team will post zeroes for that bowler.

• In the event an individual qualifies from two centers or from two teams at same center, that bowler will be permitted to bowl for both teams but will be required to switch lane-to-lane with his or her equipment so as to bowl with both teams at the same time. Thus, an individual may qualify a maximum of twice on 2 different teams to State Final. However, a full team of the same individuals will be allowed to advance from only one center to the State Final with lowest cumulative total. Teams consisting of two or more of the same individuals may only qualify once to State Final.


• The top team from the State Final will be crowned Illinois State BPA Champion (i.e., the team who is closest to zero overall for 5 Baker games). All scores from the State Final will be turned into the ISBPA office to be audited, and the Illinois State BPA Champion Team will be announced and notified. The Illinois State BPA Champion Team will be awarded a first-place prize of $3,000. If two or more teams are tied for the Illinois State BPA Champion prize, the ISBPA Championship Prize money will be split among those teams. Please visit us on the web at: