Zone Roll Offs
April 13-14, 20-21 2024

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, May 4, in Bloomington, Ill, the 2024 Coors Light / Illinois State BPA Pins-Over-Average Tournament Finals required a single-game roll-off to crown a champion, which was held at the 32-lane Pheasant Lanes Family Fun Center.

 Dan Johnson, a pipefitter from the Mount Greenwood area of Chicago, shot a 290 in the third and final game to tie Zorri Houston, forcing a one-game roll-off. “I can’t believe that I shot my lifetime highs today,” said Johnson, who shot a personal best 290 game and his first 700 series.

During the tie-breaking single-game match, Johnson struck out in the 10th to defeat Houston 226 to 196. Adding to a script made for Hollywood, Johnson, who bowls at Strike N’ Spare II, was a replacement bowler who took the last spot in the field of 64. “Bowling is never going to be this exciting (for me) again,” said Johnson, who added, “the roll-off was the greatest experience of my life.”

Final Results