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February 13, 2024

Miller Lite Baker Blast

Final results have been posted! Click the image above to see all the latest news.

February 13, 2024

Coors Light/BPA Pins Over Average


The 2024 POA preliminary info has been posted. Click the image above to see more!

January 11, 2024

ISBPA/Kegel Collegiate Classic

01-12-24 AT 2:30PM

New results info has been posted on our tournament page.

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Great Member Tournaments

ISBPA and its Local Affiliates provide tournament formats and events that cover all aspects of the league bowler customer base, adult men and women and youth boys and girls. Each tournament is designed to provide additional lineage and incremental revenue for our members; competition, scholarships, cash and merchandise prizes for our customers; including funding for charitable causes.

Current Tournament Programs:

• Miller Lite Beer Frame Baker Blast (adult)
• Storm/Roto Grip Youth Handicap Singles (youth)
• Midwest Collegiate Classic
• Coors Light Pins Over Average
• Local ISBPA Affiliate Tournaments

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All members are eligible and are encouraged to conduct the preliminary in-house round of the tournament. Centers that conduct a preliminary round are eligible and invited to host a Sectional Roll-off and/or Finals levels of competition.

A top member benefit - BPAA’s Smart Buy program provides over 100 businesses wishing to partner with member establishments, offering substantial discounts on items you use every day or that require a sizable capital expense. It pays to belong!

Subdivision of BPAA SmartBuy - Bpaa FoodService handles the needs of members in their Food and Beverage Operations. This subdivision not only offers members discounts and rebates on thousands of food and beverage-related products, it also encompasses a branded coffee program, training materials, a safety program, marketing tools and resources for members.

On Demand Online Training - ISBPA, through its Marketing Fund, has purchased a bulk-subscription, with no fees for member centers utilizing the program. The courses are designed for new hires and ALL team members. They ready your team to deal with guests while maintaining safety in the center.

Best Marketing Tool - Membership in this exclusive program is FREE to BPAA members. All programs are developed with the sole purpose of driving more customers into your centers and building top-of-mind awareness for bowling!

Grand Prix Scholarship Program

• A Unique Scholarship Program for Youth Bowlers based on Participation
• Great Youth League Bowler Retention Tool
• Over $2 million in Scholarships Paid since its inception
• More than $1 million in Escrow Accounts, providing services to 3,000 youth bowlers statewide
• Annual Grand Prix High School Blast Invitation Handicap Tournament for High School age bowlers, featuring additional Scholarship Awards

Other Unmatched Benefits

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