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Questions regarding any youth tournaments may be directed to either Joy Lacour or Connie Coletta-Long at the ISBPA office, telephone (847) 982-1305. For questions regarding the Grand Prix Scholarship Program, including the Annual Grand Prix Summer Blast for participating high school students, please contact Connie Coletta-Long, telephone (847) 982-1305, or visit our Grand Prix page.


Illinois All Star Shootout


The 2019 All-Star Shoot Out was held on Saturday, June 1, 2019

 at Joliet Town & Country Lanes.

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The 2017 Illinois All Star Shoot-Out was held Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 at Town & Country Lanes Joliet.  76 bowlers competed for over $8400.00 in scholarships and a JR Gold spot for 2018 in Dallas, Texas on a tough 8 game sport condition. Champions: U20 Boy- Nate Stubler - LaSalle - 1680; U20 Girl: Jordan Newham - Aurora - 1616 (new record score); U15 Boy: Tony Lundy - Chicago - 1523 (new record score); U15 Girl: Laura Rohlfs - Plainfield - 1254; U12 Boy: Landin Jordan - Sycamore - 1282; U12 Girl: Breanna Pimentel - North Lake - 1152

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U20 Boys (Front L to R): Nate Stubler (LaSalle) Champion, Brandon Mooney (Roscoe) 2nd,  Ian Ridgeway (Naperville) 3rd, Dylan Cathlano-Wild (Channahon) 4th  (Back L to R): Ron Ramza (Streator) chairman, Eric Ullian (New Lenox) 5th, Jace Miyagi (Chicago) 6th, Nick Sommer (Roscoe) 7th.  U20 Girls (L to R): Ron Ramza (Streator) chairman, Jordan Newham (Aurora) Champion, Taylor Bailey (Joliet) 2nd, Bailey Delrose (Crest Hill) 3rd, Mabel Cummins (Elburn) 4th, Kayla Crawford (Silvis) 5th.

U15 Boys and Girls (Front L to R): Brenanna Pimentel (North Lake) 2nd, Paige Matiasek (Lockport) U12 scholarship, Judd Baron (Inverness) U12 scholarship, Landin Jordan (Sycamore) 4th, Connor Pula (Evergreen Park) 3rd,  (Back L to R): Ron Ramza (Streator) chairman, Laura Rohlfs (Plainfield) Champion, Brandon Caruso (Channahon) 2nd, Tony Lundy (Chicago) Champion.

CLICK HERE for the entry form and rules for the 2017 Illinois All-Star Shootout, to be held Saturday, June 3rd at Joliet Town & Country Lanes, Joliet.

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2015 ISBPA Storm/Roto Grip Youth Handicap Singles Championships




2015 Youth Handicap Singles State Championship Round, Final Standings

Ava Garcia, Samuel Ritchie, Asya Wright and Brandon Dertz took the top scholarship prizes at the 2015 Storm/Roto Grip Youth Handicap Singles Tournament state finals, held April 25-26 at Parkside Lanes in Aurora. (Graphic above highlights daily squad leaders; complete photo album with bowler identification can be seen on Facebook at "Illinois State BPA" page.)

Garcia (Lan-Oak Lanes) won the top prize in the Bantam division with her three-game series of 601. Ritchie (Poplar Creek Bowl) topped the Prep division with his 628 set.

Wright (Classic Bowl, Mike's Jrs.) edged Paytynn Kuhns (Fox Bowl) by three pins to take the Junior division title, and Dertz (Orland Bowl) captured high honors in the Major division with his 750 series.

Each division champion took home a $750 scholarship. Additional scholarships in the amounts of $500, $350, $250 and $150 were awarded to the second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-place scorers in each division. One hundred and seventy youngsters qualified for the 2015 state championship round. Camelot Bowl in Collinsville had the best top-five showing among all ISBPA centers represented at the tournament; its youth bowlers won a share of the $8,000 scholarship prize fund in three of the four available divisions. All scholarship prizes are administered by the U.S. Bowling Congress's SMART program, No. 10705.

The Storm/Roto Grip Youth Handicap Singles Tournament is open to boys and girls who are members of a 2014-15 organized youth league in any ISBPA member center. Bowlers compete in one of four age divisions - Bantam (8 years of age and older), Prep (9, 10 and 11 years), Junior (12, 13 and 14 years) and Major (15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 years).* In-center qualifying takes place from October through November, with Regional Roll-offs held in March.

Region 2 Results (March 15, 2015 - Orland Bowl, Orland Park)

Region 1 Results (March 22, 2015 - Beverly Lanes, Arlington Heights)

Region 4 Results (March 14, 15 & 22, 2015 - Plaza Lanes, Washington)

Region 5 Results (March 15, 21 & 22, 2015 - Olde Bowl, Taylorville)

Region 3 Results (March 15 & 22, 2015 - Fox Bowl, Wheaton)

Click here for the 2014-15 Storm /Roto Grip Youth Handicap Singles Tournament entry form and rules.

* Ages are determined as of July 31 of the current calendar year.

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2016 Illinois State BPA Grand Prix Summer Blast


Morgan Van Houtin (Salem Bowl) and Brandon Campana (Habetler Bowl) took the $1,500 first-place prizes at the 2015 Grand Prix Summer Blast Invitational, held June 13 at St. Clair Bowl in Fairview Heights.

Van Houtin's 770 three-game handicap series won top honors in the Girls Division, while Campana paced the Boys Division with a 787 total. Both youngsters also won the $150 scholarship bonus offered to the top-finishing high school senior in each division.

The top five finishers won scholarship prizes in the Girls Division. Runner-up Denishya Waller (Brunswick Zone-Homewood) claimed a $425 scholarship, while Cecelia Walls (Pagel's Silver Dollar Lanes) took home a $275 prize for third. Stephanie Jacobs (Bel Air Bowl)'s fourth-place finish won a $225 scholarship, and Rebecca Bush (Spare Time Lanes) took the final scholarship prize of $150.

The Boys Division awarded scholarships to the top seven finishers. Kurtis Murphy (St. Clair Bowl) placed second to win $450. Otto Meccia (Rolling Lanes) won a $375 award for his third-place finish, while Thomas Heniff (Joliet Town & Country Lanes) claimed a $300 scholarship for fourth place. Elijah Simpson (Pheasant Lanes, $250), Zane Thilker (Pagel's Silver Dollar Lanes, $200) and Samuel Oseguera (Lawn Lanes, $150) placed fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively.

Final standings for the Girls Division are available here. Click here for the Boys Division final results.

The annual Illinois State BPA Grand Prix Summer Blast is open to high school boys and girls who participate in the ISBPA Grand Prix Scholarship program. Youngsters must have bowled a minimum of 21 games in an organized youth league at an ISBPA member center that offers the Grand Prix program to be eligible for this tournament. The Summer Blast is a handicap-based tournament that is limited to 200 entries. The top 10  scorers in both the Boys' and Girls' divisions earn scholarships, with a first-prize amount of $1,500. In addition, the top-finishing Graduating Senior Boy and Girl each earn a $150 bonus scholarship.


For more information on the Grand Prix Program, visit our Grand Prix Scholarship Program page.

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Visit the Youth Tournament Results - Archives page to access previous Grand Prix Summer Blast results.


 Community Twosome Adult-Junior Tournament

The Community Twosome Adult-Junior Tournament is a two-player team event open to all youngsters and adults who participate in U.S. Bowling Congress-certified bowling leagues at ISBPA member centers. (Adults who do not bowl in certified leagues may enter by paying an extra participation fee of $5.00 or by purchasing an "unattached" USBC membership card.) Competition is conducted in multiple divisions, determined by age of the youth bowler and gender of each team member (see entry form and rules of each region regarding number and type of divisions).

The tournament uses a "pins over average" format. The youth's and the adult's league averages are added together, and the total is multiplied by 3 to establish a target score. The number of pins the adult-youth team finishes over or under that target score after rolling a three-game series in the tournament determines the team's standing in its division.

In lieu of a state championship, Illinois State BPA affiliates conduct five regional Community Twosome championships in February and March. Youth-adult doubles teams advance from in-center qualifying that begins in November and continues through February. Format and prizes vary by region.

Click here for the final results and standings of the 2015 Chicagoland Adult-Junior Community Twosome Tournament (finals held March 28-29 at Castaways Bowl in Calumet City)

Click here to be redirected to the Fox Valley BPA Website for the final results and standings of the 2015 Fox Valley Adult-Junior Community Twosome Tournament (finals held Feb. 28 and March 8 at Poplar Creek Bowl in Hoffman Estates)

Click here for the final results and standings of the 2015 Central Illinois/East Central/Heart of Illinois (Region 4) Community Twosome Tournament (finals held March 29 at Spare Time Lanes in Decatur)


Click here for the entry form and rules for the 2015 Illinois Valley Adult-Junior Community Twosome Tournament (finals held March 28-29 at Bowl Mor Lanes in Streator)

Click here for the entry form and rules for the 2015 Southern Illinois Community Twosome Tournament (finals March 14-15 at Pagel Silver Dollar Lanes in Effingham)

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2015 All Star Shootout Recap and Results

Sponsored by ISBPA/Illinois USBC Youth



(2015 All Star Shootout U20 Girls champs, l-r.: Kim Stanek-Sims, Fox Bowl, co-organizer; Taylor Bailey, 5th place; Sarah Wille,
4th place; Giselle Poss, 3rd place; Nicole Powell, 2nd place; Kayla Crawford, 1st place; Ron Ramza, Bowl-Mor Lanes, co-organizer)



(2015 All Star Shootout U15 champs, l-r.: Ron Ramza, Bowl-Mor Lanes, co-organizer;
Trevor Madura, 1st place, Boys; Billy Schroeder, 2nd place, Boys; Shawn DesRocher, 3rd place, Boys;
Sheila Sutfin, 2nd place, Girls; MacKenzie Ullian, 1st place, Girls; Kim Stanek-Sims, Fox Bowl, co-organizer)

Kyle Koprowitz, Kayla Crawford, Trevor Madura and MacKenzie Ullian walked off with the top scholarship prizes at the 2015 ISBPA/Illinois USBC Youth All Star Shootout tournament, held June 6 at Joliet Town & Country Lanes in Joliet.

Koprowitz and Crawford captured the boys' and girls' Under 20 division titles, respectively, with eight-game totals of 1,625 and 1,579.

Madura's 1,317 and Ullian's 1,321 totals topped the Under 15 boys girls, respectively.


The Illinois All Star Shootout is a U.S. Bowling Congress-certified scratch tournament for youth bowlers who are current members of the Illinois USBC Youth Association. The tournament is conducted on a USBC Sport Bowling lane condition, and boys and girls compete in two separate divisions according to age - Under 15 and Under 20. Youngsters compete for scholarship prizes in each age group, with the number of prizes determined by the number of entries in each division. (Note: a special scholarship is awarded to the top Under 12 boy and girl not placing in the regular prize list. Alex Middleton, who finished tied for sixth place in the U15 boys' division, was the only U12 winner this year.)


In addition, youth bowlers who hold Junior Gold memberships at the time of the tournament are eligible to win a berth n the USBC Junior Gold Championships conducted the following year; those berths are awarded to the top finishing Junior Gold Boy and Junior Gold Girl in each division. Division winners Crawford, Madura and Ullian also qualified for the Junior Gold berths; second-place Michael Dertz won the Junior Gold spot in the U20 boys division.

Click here for the complete results and prize list.


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We are also happy to provide information and/or entry forms for youth tournaments organized and staged by the Illinois USBC Youth organization on this page, when available. These events, such as the Illinois State USBC Youth Open Team Championship Tournament and the Pepsi Championships, may be held at ISBPA member centers; however, ISBPA has no official capacity with these tournaments. To obtain additional information on ILUSBCY tournaments listed here, kindly contact the organization via its Web site,

Click here for the 2015 Illinois State USBC Youth Open Team Championship Tournament Entry Packet (includes rules and entry forms)