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"I cannot believe it; I am so in shock right now,” Dawn Makuch said after hearing that she, Sue Husar and Chris Patterson-Duebner (pictured l.-r. in above photo) had won the 2015 Miller Lite/ISBPA Beer Frame Baker Blast State Finals and $5,000 Jan. 10, 2015 at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove.

The three women, teammates in the Arlington Heights Women Keglers’ league at Beverly Lanes in Arlington Heights, entered the Blast during in-center qualifying last fall and advanced to the State Finals as Beverly Lanes 2, with a cumulative differential of 3 pins from their target score of 151.

(Team target scores are determined by adding the league average of each team member on the day the team qualifies, then dividing that sum by the number of bowlers on the team. Baker Blast bowlers try to hit their target score in a “Baker game” – a format in which each member of a team bowls one frame at a time until a 10-frame game is completed.  Every pin less or more than the target score is added to the “cumulative difference” from the team’s target mark. The team with the lowest cumulative difference in the State Finals is the winner.)

“We were the alternate team last year, but [Beverly Lanes co-owner] Lyle [Zikes] told us before we came, ‘You are going all the way this year,’” Patterson-Duebner said.

Beverly Lanes 2 posted games of 150-144-153-148-153 in the five-game Baker finals for a cumulative difference of 15 pins.  Its nearest competitor, a trio from Stardust Bowl 2 in Addison with a target score of 204, rolled games of 204-204-191-201-205, for a cumulative difference of 17 pins.

Had Stardust Bowl 2 continued to post scores of 204 in games 3-5, it – or any other team that hit its target score in all five games - would have won not only the State Finals but also a $50,000 bonus. Twenty-nine 3-, 4- and 5-person teams from across Illinois competed for the title.

Makuch admitted that Beverly Lanes 2 “didn’t practice at all” to try to figure out scoring strategies before coming to Classic Bowl.

“But I’ll bet everyone else did,” Patterson-Duebner said with a laugh. “Really, for us, it’s not about bowling your best, but just bowling and working together as a team.” (MillerCoors representative Matt Krause joins Husar, Patterson-Duebner and Makuch as they celebrate their victory, photo right)

“Until they started announcing the [cumulative difference] numbers [for all the teams], we really didn’t know where we finished,” Husar said.

Patterson-Duebner said she kept her friends and league mates apprised of the team’s performance during the day with Facebook posts.

“I’ve got nine ‘likes’ so far for posting that we won,” she said.

As for the $5,000 first prize the teammates will split, Makuch and Patterson-Duebner planned to put their shares towards vacation expenses.

Husar, who is active in her church ministry, was going to take a trip abroad with the money - but not exactly a vacation.

“We [she and her husband] are going to Africa for two weeks in July to build a church, so the money will be used for that trip,” Husar said.

Talk about manna from heaven.

- Lydia Rypcinski, ISBPA News

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Defending champions from Elk Grove Bowl return; $5,000 first prize at stake 

The quartet from Elk Grove Bowl, Elk Grove Village that won the 2013-14 Miller Lite/ISBPA "Beer Frame Baker Blast" state championship will defend its title at this season's State Finals Saturday, Jan. 10, at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove.

Bobby Rogers Jr., Bob Rogers, Don Holmes and Mike Thomka (pictured above, l.-r.) make up one of 30 teams that qualified at the In-Center Level for the finals. In-Center Qualifying took place from Oct. 6-Dec. 6 at participating ISBPA member centers. Teams that rolled a beer frame (any frame in which all team members rolled a strike) during league play could enter the Blast for $20 and attempt to hit their target score, determined by taking the average score of their league averages, in three Baker games. A team that hit its target score earned the right to advance to the In-Center Roll-off, if one was necessary, or go directly to the State Finals.

In addition to Elk Grove Bowl, the 30-team field of 3-, 4- and 5-person teams includes representatives from Beverly Lanes, Arlington Heights; Bowlway Lanes, Elgin; Channahon Lanes, Channahon; Classic Bowl; Fox Bowl, Wheaton; Habetler Bowl, Chicago; Hillside Bowl, Hillside; Hometown Lanes, Plano; I.V. Super Bowl, Peru; Larsen's Ladd Lanes, Ladd; Liberty Lanes, Carpentersville; Lisle Lanes, Lisle; Mardi Gras Lanes, DeKalb; Pana Bowl, Pana; River Rand Bowl, Des Plaines; Stardust Bowl, Addison; Willowbrook Lanes, Willowbrook; and Wood Dale Bowl, Wood Dale.

Teams will attempt to hit their target scores in each of five Baker games in the finals.The winner is the team that has the lowest cumulative differential between its target score and its actual pinfall each game.  Any team that rolls its target score all five games becomes eligible to win at least a share of a $50,000 bonus, if not the entire jackpot if it is the only team to achieve a cumulative differential of "0."

Competition begins at noon on Saturday. Check-in starts at 11:15 a.m. Each team competing in the State Finals receives a cash prize, regardless of place of finish.



In-Center qualifying runs Oct. 4-Dec. 6;
State finalists compete for $5,000 first prize, $50,000 bonus


The popular Miller Lite "Beer Frame Baker Blast" tournament, which rewards bowlers who get a "beer frame" during league competition with an opportunity to enter the "Blast," returns for the fourth year when in-center qualifying begins Oct. 4 at participating ISBPA member centers.

Any 3-, 4- or 5-person team of adult bowlers (21 years and older) that rolls a beer frame (a frame in which all teammates roll a strike) between Oct. 4 - Dec. 6, 2014, can purchase an entry into the tournament for $20.  Teams then bowl three Baker games, trying to hit a designated target score based on the teammates' league averages. (In Baker-style bowling, the No. 1 bowler bowls the first frame, the No. 2 bowler bowls the second frame, etc.).

Teams that hit their target scores qualify for In-Center Roll-offs that will be held Dec. 7-13, or - if only one team in a center succeeds in hitting its target- go directly to the January 10, 2015 State Finals at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove.

All State Finalist teams bowl five Baker games. Each team receives a cash prize, determined by order of finish. The overall State Champion - the team whose cumulative difference between its target score and actual score for all five games comes as close as possible to "zero" - earns $5,000. 

(As an example: Team A's target score is 175. Its score for Game 1 is 178; Game 2, 200; Game 3, 170; Game 4, 175; Game 5, 162. Take each game and determine the difference between the actual and the target scores. For Game 1, it's 3 pins. Game 2, 25 pins. Game 3, 5 pins. Game 4, 0 pins. Game 5, 13 pins. Add all those differences: 3+25+5+0+13 = 46. "46" is the total cumulative difference, and the score that determines a team's place in the standings relative to all other competing teams.)

As a further incentive, any State Finalist team that matches its target score in all five Baker games becomes eligible for a $50,000 bonus!

A foursome from Elk Grove Bowl, Elk Grove Village, claimed the 2013-14 'Blast" championship. Bobby Rogers Jr., Bob Rogers, Don Holmes and Mike Thomka (shown left to right in photo, left) collaborated to come within 10 cumulative pins of their 196 target score for the five Baker games.

For more information on the 2014-15 Miller Lite "Beer Frame Baker Blast," contact ISBPA Tournament Director Joy LaCour at joy@bowlillinois.com. (Download the rules for the 2014-15 Baker Blast here.)


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